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 Engaging and authentic historical fiction set in the Torres Strait


Sario lives with his family on a remote Torres Strait island, which he never wants to leave - but the winds of change are stirring. The year is 1898, and young boys are being coerced, even kidnapped to work in the pearl-shell trade. Thirteen-year-old Sario fears the white man, but he's excited by the idea of pump-diving and walking the deep ocean floor ... until dangers far worse, come to haunt him.

Ages 9-13+


 *****  Winner  Book of the Year 2016   - Speech Pathology Australia Award

                    best book for Language and Literacy Development  - Indigenous Books for Children 

    ****      Notable  Book of the Year  2017  - Younger Readers  - Children's Book Council of Australia 

    ***       Shortlisted  Crystal Kite Award  2017 - Society of Children's  Book Writers and Illustrators


Tap into Torres Strait


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Research is thorough and results in a very educational novel. 

Includes a timeline, a glossary of the expressions and a map.

I learnt a great deal while reading The Pearl-shell Diver.

                               Katy Gerner for Reading Time

                        The Children's Book Council of Australia  


Patch Parker - son of a convict  


 A British convict woman and her son are transported to New South Wales   where they face hunger, disease and difficult times.


Recommended teaching resource for middle primary students by the History Teachers' Association of Australia.





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